Rebel Stories 01: Kate Shelley, The People Project

Rebel Stories 01: Kate Shelley, The People Project

Every week in June, Rebel Kitchen will be introducing you to four new rebels with our ‘Rebel Stories’ series. From different walks of life but with the same Rebel spirit, we hear about their story, what being a Rebel means to them and their advice on how we can all harness a rebellious spirit. 

To kick-off Rebel Stories we have Kate Shelley, founder of The People Project, who allows the stories of the homeless to be told by the homeless themselves. We'll let her tell you the rest.

The People Project is an Instagram platform which was launched by Kate to share stories of homeless people about their experiences with living on the streets. She started the page after a conversation with a homeless man changed her perspective on homelessness, prompting her to share his story and that of others in the same situation with the world. She aims to challenge people’s misconceptions and show the homeless as people rather than just statistics.

‘I feel like a Rebel is someone who just stands up and does something about anything, whether it’s small or big, it’s about standing up and trying to make a difference,' Kate said.

‘You’ve got to just do it - think about what will happen, afterwards.’

We can relate to that and Kate’s a rebel with a cause. Come and share your rebel story with #RebelStories.

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