Why is Mylk the best dairy free milk for coffee?

Whether you’re joining the vegan club, veering towards a more plant-based diet or you just want something that tastes great without the guilt – we welcome you Rebels. You’ve made the conscious decision to ditch the cow’s milk, and you’re feeling pretty good about it. That’s until your morning cup of joe starts to feel like more of a compromise at a time you’re desperately seeking comfort…Soya milk tastes like soy. Nut milk tastes like nuts. Oat milk tastes like oats: what is the best non-dairy milk for coffee? 

It’s a tough one, right? There are so many plant-based milk alternatives on the market and all interfere with the taste of your habitual morning cup. Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Here’s why we think Mylk is the best dairy free milk for coffee…

Man holding Rebel flat white

Mylk is completely delicious.

You might think we’re biased but it genuinely does just taste great. We handpicked 5 plant based ingredients and blended them to make Mylk. Each of the 5 were chosen to mimic the tasting notes that exist in a regular dairy milk – coconut cream for creaminess, cashews for earthiness, nutritional yeast for grassiness and so on. This means our Mylk is the closest in taste to the real dairy stuff we’re all used to – so it won’t affect the taste of your coffee. Don’t believe us? Go on, be a Rebel… try it for yourself. We challenge you to taste the difference between Mylk and milk… 

Guilt-free. Guaranteed. 

Pouring Mylk is so much more satisfying with the knowledge that it’s a guilt-free cup. We are a certified carbon neutral business, we work with communities in grassroots projects through our 1% scheme and our curiosity has ignited us to keep fighting to reimagine our model of production (check out loads more reasons why your coffee is guilt-free here).

Rebel Mylk for coffee
Rebel Mylk for frothing

It’s a fab frother.

In case you didn’t know already, Mylk foams like a dream! If you’re a cappuccino or a macchiato kinda Rebel, then we’ve got the answer, and it’s 100% dairy free. Our Mylk formula is perfect for home frothing and latte art, giving you a barista-style coffee every time. See our Rebel hints and tips below for how to foam Mylk. 

Holistically healthy. 

Yes, Mylk is full of nutritious ingredients, and we would never use refined sugar or additives in our products. Duh. But we’re also about more than that. We care about a powerful vision of ease and health for all, that’s why Mylk is only made with quality ingredients, sourced from regenerative organic farmers, focused on healthy soil, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity. This is the key to what keeps us going, we’ll never sacrifice this. Ever. 

Person holding Rebel coffee
Pouring Rebel Mylk for foaming

The easy switch.

Let’s be honest, having a different dairy free milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner doesn’t really make sense. You’re having to schlep litres of liquid home from the shop, the fridge door’s rammed and it’s pretty uneconomical too. With an excessive number of options, you’ve tried 15 other plant based milks, and none of them tasted like… well…milk! This post is all about using Rebel Kitchen Mylk in coffee, but it also totally works as a replacement in just about any way you’d use milk! Splash it, pour it, gulp it, foam it, bake it. You only need one Rebels.

How to foam Mylk at home

Because we will never put any preservatives or stabilisers in our Mylk, things can sometimes get a bit out of whack. That’s just nature doing its thing and we don’t tamper with that. The temperature difference between the coffee + Mylk, or the acidity of the coffee you use, could also cause your morning saviour to separate. 

Rebels, don’t panic. This can be fixed by giving it a bit of a jiggle! Check out Rebel HQ insider tips on the best ways to foam Mylk:

Froth it

If you’ve got a frothing wand, then you’ve just won (the game). It’s fool-proof. Fully submerge your wand in your Mylk. Hit go. Swirl in circles to remove the big bubbles and pour up your cup.

Plunge it

Our cafetiere solution has been heavily requested from Rebels who go for the opulent home-caffeinated experience. Simply warm your Mylk up a little on the hob. Fill your cafetiere about ⅓ full. Secure the lid tightly and plunge for around 30 seconds. Swirl before you pour and enjoy.

Shake it

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work best. Heat your Mylk, pour into a jar, make sure you’ve got the lid on securely and shake it like a polaroid picture. Creamy, dairy free coffee. Done. 

Whisk it

You have to trust us on this one. It’s a bit like the milk frother, but a bit slower. Grab a bowl, something to get a bit of air into your Mylk, we recommend a whisk. And begin. Remember Rebels, tired arms are worth it for a well combined coffee.

Blend it

Get that Mylk warm, pour it into your blender and set to medium speed until your Mylk reaches optimum levels of froth, it’s 100% your call Rebel. We’ll be in frothy, foamy Mylk heaven.