Rebel Kitchen X Onist: Chocolate and Vanilla Parfait

This simple yet tasty dessert parfait makes the perfect midweek treat. Whip it up and enjoy.


1 x Punnet of Organic Strawberries
1 x Dark Chocolate Onist pot
1 x Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt
1 x Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt


Empty the Onist pot into a large bowl and combine with the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt. Give it a good mix with a spoon.

Slice all of the strawberries and layer into ramekin dishes, alternating with the Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt and the above chocolate mixture.

Decorate the parfait with the remaining strawberries and serve, or keep refrigerated until ready to devour.

Happy making and tag us in your photos before you tuck in – we’d love to see.

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