Are Rebel Kitchen products suitable for vegans?
Yes, all of our products are plant based and suitable for vegans.

Where do your coconuts come from?
Our coconuts are responsibly sourced from sustainable farms in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Do Rebel Kitchen products contain any additives or preservatives?
No, our products don’t contain any artificial additives or preservatives and they never will.

Why are there coconut bits in my Mylk®?
That’s just nature doing it’s thing. We keep it simple – no additives or preservatives. Ever. So keep it real, shake it up, and enjoy!

Can Rebel Kitchen Mylk® be given to children or babies?
We would advise checking with your GP before giving a child under three years old a product with nuts if they haven’t had them before. The Mylks® are not a like-for-like for dairy or formula milks as they are not fortified with anything (e.g. calcium). If you give your kids juices and smoothies we’re a great dairy and refined sugar free alternative (no hidden extras).

Why is it pink?
Because it comes from young green coconuts, which contain polyphenols (an antioxidant). These antioxidants naturally oxidize and turn the coconut water pink.

Should Rebel Kitchen coconut water be refrigerated?
Yes. Our coconut water is a fresh product and, as such, requires refrigeration between 0C – 5C. Once opened it should be consumed within 24 hours.

Is there a limit on how many bottles of coconut water you can have in a day?
There are no safety concerns with drinking multiple bottles of coconut water.