Mylk Yog. It’s like yogurt but with more Yog.

The mighty, dairy yogurt. An unrivalled staple in fridges nationwide. Whatever takes your fancy, it could be a pot for breakfast, a creamy snack or a healthy dessert, we’ve been brought up with it since we were little ones. Whether you’re a plain jane or a flavour fool, this versatile food maintains it’s ageless status and limitless uses. Today’s dilemma? The more we know about health and how our tiny lives fit into the bigger whole, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to opt for dairy. More and more we’re politely declining a regular,dairy yogurt pot, one that’s: sugar laden, mucus-inducing, antibiotics-charged, and then there’s the wellknown harmful effects on animal welfare. The whole thing is enough to put you off yog for life.

Enter Mylk Yog. The plant based answer to your dairy yogurt woes. When it comes to making things simple, we’ve got your back Rebels.

Up until now, most alternatives were categorised by their ingredient base and massively under-deliver on taste. Soy yogurt tastes like soy, almond yogurt tastes like almonds, none hit that dairy yogurt spot. What we all really  want from a dairy alternative is one that looks and tastes just like the dairy version. So, here’s one that does: 100% made from plants and all of them are organic too. We don’t need to be bombarded by 20 different dairy alternatives; we just need one. And it’s Mylk Yog.

Like with all Rebel Kitchen products, these Mylk Yogs come from, and work harmoniously with nature, so every time you chose Rebel Kitchen, you’re directly accessing the healing power of plants. Healthy alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good.

How did we make it taste so awesome?

We really wanted to replicate the flavours that make dairy yogurt so immediately recognisable from the second we open the pot and lick the lid. Our clever Rebel Recipe Developers made the magic happen:

  • Coconut Cream for the creaminess
  • Nutritional Yeast and Salt for the savoury, grassiness
  • Lemon juice for the tanginess

No articifcial thickeners. Our yogs are thickened up by playing around with water content. Wow. Who’d have thought you can work with nature without having to add man made chemicals? No gums, no pectins and no starches here.

That’s it. just a few organic, plant-based ingredients blended together with spring water – we use the highest percentage of whole ingredients of any dairy alternative. This means we’re not compromising on taste or quality. #winning

Now that our Mylk Yog tastes just like dairy (but is 100% vegan and made with plants) we’re excited to unlock a whole universe of savoury recipes. These bad boys aren’t just yummy on their own, try adding a dollop of our Original Mylk Yog in your curry, pasta sauce, or topped on a chilli.

And not that we wanna tease, but our Rebel Recipe Developers see no limits to the flavours they can create  – now they’ve nailed our unique Mylk Yog base they’re back in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients that will ignite even more Plant Curiosity in all of us. Watch this space…

MYLK YOG vital stats:

Available from June in 4 flavours, we wanted to include the most popular flavours for a regular dairy yogurt, then replicate these in our dairy free version too:

Original – Think natural/plain yogurt that’s delicious on its own or with your favourite toppings any time of the day.

Vanilla – There’s nothing vanilla about it. Get it?

Mango & Passionfruit – It’s like a steel band in your mouth. Relax into the celebration and feel the vibes.

Strawberry & Raspberry – We couldn’t decide between our nation’s favourite berries, so we added them both, for a mouth-watering experience.

Our Mylk Yog range will be available in 125g at £1.99, and for all those Rebels who want MORE Mylk Yog, our Mylk Yog Original comes in 350g to at £3.49. We got you covered 😉

In case you’re wondering what “Mylk” is…

Mylk is an old English word that’s been used for decades to describe plant-based milks.

Whether it’s for your health or health of the planet, there are an overwhelming number of plant-based alternatives out there. Tired of the drudgery of having to figure out which one of these bland/watery milk alternatives was right for us, we decided to create Mylk: A dairy alternative that tastes, looks and behaves just like dairy. No longer do we need to decide whether it was soya for lattes, oat for baking or almond for something else. Modern-day choice overload solved. You’re welcome.

Rebel Kitchen: For the Plant Curious

Rebel Kitchen is revolutionising food for everyone: Healthy alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good.

We question received wisdom and demand that we all rethink our unsustainable approach to health, nutrition, consumption, agriculture and manufacturing. The time of mindlessly conforming without consequence is over. It’s time to wake up!

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