Two Ingredient Chocolate Pudding

Two ingredients and you’re golden. Treat yourself to this Chocolate Mylk Pudding by blogger of the month Plant Based Judy. Serves two. Or one big one for yourself. We aint judgin’ 😉

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1 x 330ml Rebel Chocolate Mylk.
2 tbsp corn flour (starch)
(extra sweetener & cacao powder optional and to taste. mix with cornflour in step 1)


Mix corn flour with 1 tablespoon of the milk to form a paste.

Add rest of the Mylk and whisk by hand until smooth.

Pour into a pan & heat on high until bubbling.

Reduce heat whilst stirring continuously until a thick pudding forms.

Take off heat and pour into 2 glasses.

Allow to set in the fridge until chilled & serve with coconut cream and fresh berries.

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