Rebel Kitchen Chocolate (Mylk) Pannacotta

Delicious Rebel Kitchen Chocolate (Mylk) Pannacotta, created by our blogger of the month Bettina (Instagram: @bettinas_kitchen). Wow your friends with this one.


1 Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk
5 tbs of chia seeds
2 tbs of agave syrup
1 tsp of vanilla powder
1 tsp of orange zest


This must be one of the easiest most forgiving recipes there is! You can make it well in advance, and it makes dessert easy peasy.

Start by grinding your chia seeds into powder. You can use a coffee grinder, a pestle and mortal, or a blender.

Once powdered add them into a bowl along with all other ingredients. Let the mixture set for at least an hour. check it by occasionally stirring so that the chia can properly absorb the mylk.

Once the mixture has set you can divide it into dessert glasses or in a mould on a plate. Use raspberries to decorate and garnish with mint leaves.

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