Chocolate PBJ Protein-Packed Mylkshake

Don’t be fooled. Tofu in a smoothie is actually genius. Check out this unusual protein packed smoothie by Plant Based Judy. Reminiscent of your favourite sweet, comfort foods as a kid – with a healthy twist. Just To(fu) cute. #groan


1 block tofu (Judy uses 300g silken tofu, but any should work)
1 330ml carton Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk
4 tablespoons peanut butter or peanut flour
1–2 frozen bananas (optional if you prefer a stronger banana flavour)
1 cup frozen raspberries
Stevia or maple/date/agave syrup to taste


Stew 1/2 cup frozen berries on the stove until soft and jammy. Sweeten to taste. Pour out raspberry jam into glass(es) to cool.

Blend together tofu, Chocolate Mylk, peanut butter, frozen banana and rest of raspberries until smooth.

Pour mylkshake over raspberry jam and serve.

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