Chai Iced Latte

Move over ‘Hot Chai Latte’. Summer’s nearly here & things are cooling down. Natural Nomad a.k.a Lauren is our April blogger of the month and her Chai Iced Latte’s first up. So simple, so good.

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”The warming spices in Chai make this Mylk taste quite exotic, and it’s fantastic served both hot and cold. I like combining it with other plant-based milks in this recipe to make it slighter lighter but still deliciously sweet. It’s the ideal drink to serve all summer long.”


1 cup Rebel Chai Mylk
2/3 cup milk of choice (I like soya or rice milk for this recipe)
4 ice cubes, made from Rebel Chai Mylk


First, you need to prepare your Cha-ice cubes by pouring Rebel’s Chai Mylk into an ice cube tray (use 3-4 cubes for one latte) and freezing overnight.

Once your ice is ready, mix the liquids in a chilled glass and add the ice cubes. Serve immediately with a straw and a smile.


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