As Rebels, questioning the norm is how we operate not only as beings but also as a business (one cool example of this – in our zero waste loop in the Philippines, read about our Founders’ trip here). But we need to do more. Every business does. Our planet can’t wait. The evidence is overwhelming: climate change is an imminent threat, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our lands, waters, and species are endangered like never before. So that’s why we wanted to be a part of something bigger. To put our money where our mouth is. And that’s why we chose to be a 1% For The Planet member.

Since May 2017, we’ve been giving 1% of revenue (not just profit) to champion environmental non-profit partners. So, to all of the Rebels who have been enjoying our products since May ’17: you’ve also been making a positive impact on the environment too. Pretty cool eh? Does that make our Mylk even more satisfying? We think yes.

Where’s our 1% going?

We started with communities in countries where our coconuts originate, because this is (and will always be) one of our main focuses. But we couldn’t stop there. Closer to home a few other projects caught our attention. Now on home turf in the UK (British Rebels let’s make some noise) and across the globe – cause the dream is big, we’re part of the organic movement and want to elevate it as much as we can.

  • We’ve chosen two Rebel partners who not only support the local farmer’s rights and organic farming methods, but the wider regenerative agricultural movement. This is a movement that is so deeply needed to heal our mother Earth. It weaves in agriculture and ecology, what is now known as agroecology. Vikalpani (Sri Lanka) and Amihan (Philippines) are initiatives empowering rural women. The projects support woman and their communities to feed themselves with nutritious and affordable food by teaching them vital, organic home gardening skills, a skill set easily lost in one generation.
  • In the UK, the Compost Matters programme run by School Food Matters takes school classes to a farm for interactive farming workshops, where they learn about and built their own composters. The composters are now actively regenerating the school’s waste into new soil with the help of a soil scientist. Watch this space, we’ll be sharing updates from the school we supported.
  • Farmerama Radio, an award-winning monthly podcast, shares the voices of farmers in the UK and beyond. They work tirelessly to rejuvenate the respect, confidence and vibrancy of smaller-scale farmers and rural communities.
  • Finally, Organic Rising, a film production which will make the most comprehensive film on the organic food movement to date. Check out the trailer here:

We are honoured to support these incredible initiatives whose life works are to give Rebels of the future a planet they deserve to live on.

The 1% For The Planet Squad – it could include you

You know the saying there’s “power in numbers?”. Well in this case, this couldn’t ring more true. We’re part of a squad of businesses that’s committed 1% for the Planet. With the likes of Patagonia, Moju and Pukka Herbs – we’re part of a growing network of more than 1,200 businesses across the world, who all see the importance of giving back. And you can be a part of it too. So Rebels, fancy joining the gang? Businesses and individuals can become members of 1% For The Planet via their website here. At the very least, you now know you’re making a big ol’ difference when slurping a Mylk, or tucking into a dairy free Yog.

Spotted 1% on our packaging yet – let us know when you do. There’s no better feeling in Rebel HQ when we hear that our cause has ignited something in you too.