Someday All Yogurts Will Be Made Like This

Ah, yogurt. The age old fridge-staple that is oh-so versatile. Have it for breakfast, have it for dessert or any occasion in between and no-one questions your intentions. There’s something comforting about ‘spoon-able’ foods and yogurt is no exception. Addictive, moreish and now in typical Rebel Kitchen dairy free style, we have launched our new and improved coconut yogurts and they never tasted so good.

That’s right. We Rebels have been busy perfecting our organic, dairy free coconut yogurts with vegan cultures to bring you four delicious flavours: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee. Not to toot our trumpet but our dairy free coconut yogurts are kind of a big deal. We use the meat of young green coconuts grown by smallholders in the Philippines. Yep you read that right, we use coconut meat. Not milk. By using the meat as the base, our yogurts are a good source of potassium plus everybody’s best friend – fibre. It also means our yogurts are lower in fat than conventional coconut yogurt but still give that satisfying creamy hit.

So what do they taste like? How can I use them? We hear you ask…

Our Original flavour is smooth and creamy with live vegan cultures. It’s these cultures that give it a familiar yogurt-y tang. This is our most versatile flavour as it’s perfect for both sweet and savoury occasions. Original works wonders dollop’ed on top of your curry or chilli or drizzled over a weekend pancake stack.

Our Vanilla flavour is light, fresh and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. But there’s no refined sugar here, instead we use coconut nectar to sweeten. It tastes luxurious thanks to the organic Madagascan vanilla we add to the coconut meat base making it a firm favourite. Use Vanilla in place of ice cream next to a brownie dessert (we won’t tell).

Chocolate has an intensely rich flavour thanks to the organic cacao. We use cacao because it’s chocolate but in its purest form. We recommend enjoying this one straight from the pot. It’s the best way to experience the rich chocolate hit.

Coffee is a Rebel HQ favourite, found being added to many morning smoothies. Word on the street is it tastes just like a tiramisu, just saying.

This is pure innovation, it’s not only disrupting the dairy free yogurt category by using coconut meat not milk, but it actually tastes like a dairy yogurt thanks to the live vegan cultures. The range also plays a key part in Rebel Kitchen’s sustainability process. We use the whole coconut. Coconut water goes into our bottles; coconut meat goes into yogurts and the coconut husks help to fuel our plant in the Philippines as a renewable energy source. It’s sustainability at its best and we hope you love them.

Someday all yogurts will be made like this. Simple Ingredients. Nothing Added.
Get your fix online at, As Nature Intended and from Abel and Cole.



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