10 unusual veg to up your smoothie game…

It’s National Vegetarian Week. All hail, #veg. So we thought we’d share some interesting tried-n-tested veg additions to up your smoothie game. None of these include kale FYI (so summer 2015). This year it’s all about sprouts. You heard it here first.


Read our un-beetable Top 10.
  1. Fresh coriander – rich in iron, fibre and vitamin C. Also a great palette cleanser. Try it and see. No regrets.
  2. Red and orange peppers – choose warm colours for sweetness. Green’s a no-go (we’ve discovered). Packed full of Vitamin C. And also good vibes.
  3. Pak Choi – a good one to up nutritional content without altering taste. Full of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein & fibre rich too.
  4. Courgette – we love this one. An inoffensive flavour that’s rich in antioxidants. Great for bulking out a smoothie in place of (sugary) fruit.
  5. Celery – helps to balance the sweetness of a purely fruit smoothie.
  6. Frozen peas – these guys are great. Magnesium-rich, adds sweetness to smoothies (instead of using fruit). Just quite fun really.
  7. Parsley – A great palette cleanser. Adds real freshness to a smoothie as well as being vitamin rich.
  8. Brussel sprouts (or their flowers)– raw sprouts add sweetness. Don’t roast them. That’s weird. Rich in vitamin C.
  9. Butter beans – rich in fibre and good for the heart. Here’s our bean smoothie for some inspo. 
  10. Mint – positively dreamy. Lifts the flavour of any fruit or veg smoothie. Great for digestion and a real palette cleanser.


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