Our top tips for cultivating new habits.

Lent started on Wednesday. For some, that means 40 (long) days and nights committed to giving something up. Chocolate. The Pub. Ironic hashtags (no longer ironic). #socialmediastalking. As if those New Year Resolutions weren’t enough…

At Rebel Kitchen we prefer the positive sentiment of starting something new.  Given it takes 21 days to form a new habit, why not make Feb the one to form yours?


Here’s our suggested list.
  1. Take a different route to work once a week
    If you’re using public transport, try getting off one stop early. If you walk, take a different route to work. Meander down a side street. Discover a new café or shop. There might be something exciting and interesting nestled right on your doorstep. If not? Well, you can have fun finding out.What you gain: Fresh perspective. The discovery of the new.
  1. Start a new exercise
    Discover a new exercise this month. It’s easy to fall into routine with the same things we’ve always done. However, there might be something out there you’ve never tried before that’s 100% up your street. Maybe it’s Arial yoga. Marshal arts. Outdoor boot camps. Commit to three weeks of something new. If it’s not for you, at least you can say you tried it.What you gain: New muscles. New friends. A better understanding of what works for you and your body.
  1. Swap the news for a book
    Instead of reading the news (or anything) on your phone, bury your nose in a good ole’ hardback. You can still catch up on current affairs but why not start the day immersing yourself in someone else’s world. Reading is known to reduce stress, stimulate you mentally, and improve memory.What you gain: Knowledge. Tranquillity. A chance to escape the every day. Improved vocab.
  1. Replace meat with plant-based meals one night a week
    Whether it’s #meatfreeMonday or any other night of the week, aim to sub out meat for a veggie dish once a week. The number of veggie cookbooks (and blogs) out there provides endless options for new dishes to try. Read our interview with Calgary to find out more about plant-based options.What you gain: A more creative approach to cooking. And the benefit of a reduced carbon footprint.
  1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier
    Set an alarm on your phone an hour before you’re due to head to bed. The act of this alone will serve as a reminder to you to start winding down. Bank more sleep points by getting as much shut eye as you can before midnight. As the saying goes, an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after.What you gain: Sleep. Rest. Clarity of thinking. Renewed energy.
  1. Prep everything you need for work the night before
    Avoid the frantic morning rush that comes when you’ve misplaced keys, wallet, phone. Make sure you prep this the night before. Pack your bag before bed. Select the clothes you’re going to wear and lay them out. Reduce the number of choices you need to make when you wake up. Leave that brain space free for more important things.What you gain: A greater sense of calm and control. A productive start to the day.

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