Rebels don’t do Resolutions…The team reflect on 2015 and share their top tips for the New Year

January. New Year, new you. It’s the same every year. What if we started 2016 with a different mind-set? Something less loaded. Something more positive.

We spoke to the team at Rebel Kitchen to find out what their best ‘resolution’ tips were. And guess what? None of these involved giving something up.

Here’s what they reflected on from 2015 and are committed to continuing in 2016.


“Listen to your heart” – Rebel Ben (Co-founder)

A big theme for me last year was to really focus on listening to my heart. It’s easy to get caught up listening to all the noise that’s around us. More often than not, that noise is other people’s projections. Follow your heart, not your mind. The mind is just what you’ve learnt from other people throughout life, which influences your decisions (not always in the way that’s right for you). We forget that we all carry within us an amazing natural instinct to help steer us.

There is a saying “Listen to your heart because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right”


“Step away from social and read more” – Rebel Adam

Last year the big one for me was about making more time to read, and stepping away from the screen more. Take a break from social media. Your phone. The computer. Read 10 pages of a decent book a day (non-fiction or fiction) instead to broaden your perspective on things. It doesn’t add hours to your day. And it’s so small that it can be incorporated into your current lifestyle, particularly if you commute. Oh, and drink more water! An oldie but a goodie. I’ve made drinking 3 litres part of my daily routine.


“Listen to your body – one size doesn’t fit all” – Rebel Charly

Last year I tried veganism for a few months but I really struggled. I wasn’t feeling the benefits and got pretty downbeat about it. Then I did a bit more research into it and discovered I was allergic to lots of vegan friendly food. The important thing for me was learning how everyone’s needs are unique (including my own) and how you need to listen to your body – one size doesn’t fit all. I’ve found ways to lead a healthy lifestyle without giving myself a hard time.


“Be kindest to yourself first. The rest will follow” – Rebel Tamara (Co-founder)

For me last year was all about learning to be kinder to myself. We’re great at being hard on ourselves, battling over why we weren’t better, faster, stronger, brighter, prettier at one thing or another… The truth is, we’re all perfect just as we are. What we need to work on is loving ourselves and our imperfections a bit more! After all, what is perfection? Self-love breeds greater love and compassion all round; to yourself, and to others. So be kindest to yourself first. The rest will follow.


“Do something you love – and be loud about it” – Rebel Ruth

Something I’ve learnt from last year is to do something you love and be loud about it. Passion always resonates with people. I think when you make a decision to do something that means something to you, you’ve just got to own that choice. Fearlessly! I went vegan and became a cheerleader. People question them both all the time, but it’s the passion I have that make others respect it. This attitude has given me much more confidence. I think it would do the same for others, too.


“Not everything is personal” – Rebel Rachel

 Last year, more than ever, I learnt to take a step back from my relationship with my inbox and see that not everything is personal.

As Atticus Finch very wisely said in To Kill a Mocking Bird: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

So climb into someone else’s skin and realise that their late (or short) email reply isn’t because they dislike you or think your questions are silly. It’s because they have a million and one other things to do and will get to you when they can. Drink green tea whilst you wait. This mindset has helped to relieve a lot of unnecessary stress.

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