Surviving the Christmas holidays Rebel Kitchen style

In such close proximity, it’s a given – family can grate.

Don’t despair. We’ve pulled together our top tips on how to survive the festive season so you can emerge the other side with your sanity (and relationships) still intact.


Do your fair share of the chores (or let other people help you)

If you’re usually the control freak of the kitchen, step down. If you’re usually lying horizontal on the settee whilst others slave away, step up.

Make sure everyone gets involved in the Christmas prep and finds a way to contribute ‘their bit’ to the day. Even if that task is topping up Nan’s sherry. Repeatedly (someone’s got to do it).


Don’t saturate yourself with too much food and booze

It’s tempting (very tempting) to drown out Aunty D’s squawking laughter with another tipple. But you’re doing yourself no favours if you insist on spending the entire Christmas holidays in a food and booze-induced coma.

So eat, drink and be merry – but recognise the benefits of mindfulness and moderation. Take a walk. Get some fresh air. Move that body. Which leads us onto…


Get out the house for a bit

Your little cousin’s been bellowing the same two lines from Frozen’s Let It Go. In your face. All morning. Naturally, your enthusiasm’s beginning to wane.

Before it reaches fever pitch, find some time to get out the house and take a walk – all of you, together. Whether it’s 20 minutes or two hours, some fresh air and a change of scene will do wonders for everyone’s mood. Trust us on this one.


Do things on your terms

Christmas is about compromise and unfortunately we can’t (always) have it our way. That said the holidays are there for a reason – to give everyone a chance to switch off.

Make sure you fit in some personal respite amongst the family activities and mayhem. If that’s blocking out your surroundings (and family) for three hours so you can read your favourite book, do it. Make sure other people give you the chance to do it too.


Accept your family will probably annoy you – and that’s okay

The fact is, irritations will arise. From all sides. But guess what? That doesn’t make you a bad person. Rest assured that what’s happening in your household is happening in every other household around the country. It’s Christmas. Embrace it.

Have a great one.

Love & Coconuts,

Team Rebel.



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