Our top tips on how to get your kids more excited about food

This month we’ve teamed up with the folks at Sweetpea Pantry to share our top tips on how to get your kids excited about food and cooking in the kitchen more. Fun, freedom and creativity sit at the heart of it. And of course, there’s full reign for the grown-ups to get involved too.


Get them involved

Allocate age specific jobs to kids like stirring, whisking, measuring and setting the timer. Nothing beats the pride and satisfaction they feel when they know they’ve made something themselves.

If it’s too much to start from scratch, get a little help using healthy mixes and give kids’ control over breakfast (e.g Sweetpea Pantry Grainy Pancakes to get you started)

Make it pretty

At home, focus on making it colourful (e.g. a simple food rainbow) and allow your creative side to take hold with shapes and props; all of this makes food more appealing to kids and connects them to what they’re eating.

Whip out the props

Get the kids aprons, colourful cutters, spoons and accessories, and make them feel part of a creative, fun process. Don a chefs hat and have your very own kids bake-off!

Relax about the mess

Making a bit of mess is half the fun, so resist the urge to put too many rules and restrictions in place. Kids will love the freedom, and they’ll feel proud of their involvement and achievements at the end.

Let them make choices

Ask kids for their input. Which vegetables do they fancy on their plate? What shape do they want their sandwiches? Which flavour Rebel Kitchen mylk in their lunchbox today? The freedom to choose brings excitement and a sense of ownership (a ‘grown-up’ feel) to what they’re eating.

Sweetpea Pantry helps you get the goodness in with healthy mixes for easy family meals and snacks. Using wholegrain flours, no refined sugars and nutritious ingredients like chia, quinoa, flax and oats, the mixes for pizza dough, pancakes, flapjacks and biscuits are quick, delicious and loved by all the family. The team is offering Rebel Kitchen fans 20% off all their products, which you can redeem with the code ‘Rebel20’ when you go to checkout.


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