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We’re so excited to announce that Rebel Kitchen is now a certified B Corp!

But what is a B Corp we hear you ask? Well the B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Organic certification is to food – it means that you can trust that certified B Corps really are doing business in a sustainable way.

There are more than 2,000 Certified B Corporations in over 130 industries and 50 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business…and now Rebel Kitchen is one of them.

Our sustainability Rebel, Anna Van der Hurd, believes that “one day companies will not only compete to be the best in the world but also the best for the world” and that’s really what being a B Corp is all about.

B Lab, the non-profit that certifies and supports B-Corporations, conducted a rigorous evaluation of every part of our business. They assessed Rebel Kitchen’s impact on our employees, suppliers, community and the environment to make sure that we meet the high standards needed to qualify.

Rebel Kitchen chose to become a Certified B Corp so that we could stand up and be proudly measured against these standards for our social and environmental performance. Transparency is a huge part of what it means to be a B Corp so we want to share our assessment results with you in this spirit.

For us, passing the assessment is just the beginning. We’re really excited to continue building on the foundations we’ve got and to keep pushing the movement of businesses doing things in a better way.

We have a deep-rooted pledge to sustainable business practices. Our ambition is for Rebel Kitchen to create a positive feedback system within everything we do.

You can find out more about B Corp here and discover which other companies are B Corps too!



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Someday All Yogurts Will Be Made Like This

Ah, yogurt. The age old fridge-staple that is oh-so versatile. Have it for breakfast, have it for dessert or any occasion in between and no-one questions your intentions. There’s something comforting about ‘spoon-able’ foods and yogurt is no exception. Addictive, moreish and now in typical Rebel Kitchen dairy free style, we have launched our new and improved coconut yogurts and they never tasted so good.

That’s right. We Rebels have been busy perfecting our organic, dairy free coconut yogurts with vegan cultures to bring you four delicious flavours: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee. Not to toot our trumpet but our dairy free coconut yogurts are kind of a big deal. We use the meat of young green coconuts grown by smallholders in the Philippines. Yep you read that right, we use coconut meat. Not milk. By using the meat as the base, our yogurts are a good source of potassium plus everybody’s best friend – fibre. It also means our yogurts are lower in fat than conventional coconut yogurt but still give that satisfying creamy hit.

So what do they taste like? How can I use them? We hear you ask…

Our Original flavour is smooth and creamy with live vegan cultures. It’s these cultures that give it a familiar yogurt-y tang. This is our most versatile flavour as it’s perfect for both sweet and savoury occasions. Original works wonders dollop’ed on top of your curry or chilli or drizzled over a weekend pancake stack.

Our Vanilla flavour is light, fresh and guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. But there’s no refined sugar here, instead we use coconut nectar to sweeten. It tastes luxurious thanks to the organic Madagascan vanilla we add to the coconut meat base making it a firm favourite. Use Vanilla in place of ice cream next to a brownie dessert (we won’t tell).

Chocolate has an intensely rich flavour thanks to the organic cacao. We use cacao because it’s chocolate but in its purest form. We recommend enjoying this one straight from the pot. It’s the best way to experience the rich chocolate hit.

Coffee is a Rebel HQ favourite, found being added to many morning smoothies. Word on the street is it tastes just like a tiramisu, just saying.

This is pure innovation, it’s not only disrupting the dairy free yogurt category by using coconut meat not milk, but it actually tastes like a dairy yogurt thanks to the live vegan cultures. The range also plays a key part in Rebel Kitchen’s sustainability process. We use the whole coconut. Coconut water goes into our bottles; coconut meat goes into yogurts and the coconut husks help to fuel our plant in the Philippines as a renewable energy source. It’s sustainability at its best and we hope you love them.

Someday all yogurts will be made like this. Simple Ingredients. Nothing Added.
Get your fix online at, As Nature Intended and from Abel and Cole.

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Rebel Kitchen X Onist: Chocolate and Vanilla Parfait

This simple yet tasty dessert parfait makes the perfect midweek treat. Whip it up and enjoy.


1 X Punnet of Organic Strawberries
1 X Dark Chocolate Onist pot
1 X Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt
1 X Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt


  • Empty the Onist pot into a large bowl and combine with the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt. Give it a good mix with a spoon.
  • Slice all of the strawberries and layer into ramekin dishes, alternating with the Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt and the above chocolate mixture.
  • Decorate the parfait with the remaining strawberries and serve, or keep refrigerated until ready to devour.

Happy making and tag us in your photos before you tuck in – we’d love to see.

Follow us on Instagram for more dairy free goodness: @rebel_kitchen

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Batten Down the Hatches: Autumn has Arrived

And suddenly, it was September. We’re not quite sure where the time went either.

Given most of us are programmed to see this time of year as a signifier of ‘change’ (school year, academic year, summer hols coming to an end) the change in season can offer the perfect time for a much-needed mental reboot. So get ready to reset, re-motivate, and reap what you’ve sown. Until Christmas that is, when it’ll all unravel again…

(Did we just mention the C word? Yep. Sorry)


Arguably, more exciting statements have been uttered. But give us a sec. Alleviating the physical clutter in your home environment could really help you to mentally declutter too. There’s this saying: have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

So pack away summer clothes. Bring out the wool knits. Donate any unwanted goods to charity. Sell your unworn garbs on eBay or Depop for a quick bit of cash. Free up space for the new (and be ruthless about it).


Summer’s gone but that doesn’t mean holidays have to end. Give yourself something to look forward to and plan to go away for a long weekend a month from now; deals are cheaper, places are quieter. In the midst of workflow it’ll be a welcome break – and one you’ll be thankful for.

Equally, embrace the buzz of summer wearing off. Enjoy a weekend at home minus plans. Give yourself the chance to fully decompress. Whether that’s quiet reading or blasting loud music whilst gyrating around the house in your undies, just do what you gotta do to let off steam. No judgement, peeps.


Ah, summer. It’s a funny one for fitness. On the one hand the weather’s half-decent so you’re motivated to get out there and sweat more. But then…. BBQs. Beer. Festivals. Fun… The dilemma of juggling the two.

Autumn can, handily, help to remove those temptations (unless you’re currently basking in an Indian summer à la right now – in which case, carry on). Otherwise use this as a chance to try something new. If you’re used to running and biking, give hot yoga or Pilates a go. If you’re a gym fiend, try an outdoor boot camp or weekend hike instead. Switch up your routine this season and embrace what’s new!


Don’t let the darker evenings kill your good vibes. Instead, make it all about the mornings.

Fancy a sober morning rave? (That’s a thing by the way). Why not kick-start the day with MorningGloryville ? We challenge you not to love it. Or, give yourself an extra hour in the AM to simply…get stuff done. Stretch. Meditate. Prep lunch. Take the time to have a decent breakfast. It’s amazing what you can achieve pre-9am. Let the morning maketh you.


Remember writing New Year resolutions back in Jan? It’s okay, we’ve forgotten ours too. Now’s a great time to revisit any personal goals you made at the start of the year.

Reflect back on what you were keen to achieve then rewrite out your goals. What have you accomplished? What’s still to come? What’s shifted? There’s still time to make stuff happen! Pin the list on your wall. Then, push forward until December (just in time to let your hair down for party season and celebrate all the good work).

Above all enjoy the new season. Roll with the changes and make the most out of fluffy socks and big jumpers. Follow us on Instagram at @rebel_kitchen for Autumnal-inspired dairy free goodness.

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Glitter at the ready. It’s Festival Season. It causes mass-excitement among the young, the old and the generally fun.

Us Brits get hyped for festival season long before it begins. You know the drill. Rally the troops, create a WhatsApp group titled ‘GLASTO 2017 BBY’ or whatever your super-keen mate decided was a good idea way back when in October. We’re so up for festival season that we’re willing to part with our hard-earned cash in exchange for months of excitement when tickets are released on those cold, dark October mornings.

If you’ve been to your fair share of festivals you’ll be familiar with the thought: do you you reeeally want to camp? Lets face it, we’d all secretly like to throw in the camping towel and glamp, but that’s ‘not part of the fun’, is it? Well, we’ve done the rounds in Rebel HQ pre-Glastonbury this month to collate 5 top ways to feel like you’re glamping when camping this festival season:

1. *Step away from the babywipes* – Hello Portable Shower.
Ok so it doesn’t sound like the most essential item to be packing for Glasto but we all know by day 3 you’ll be trying to remember what it felt like to feel clean. Simply stride on over to the nearest tree, portable shower in tow and bam, nope no baby wipes for you. They also don’t have to break the bank. So worth it.

Never under-estimate the feeling of sliding into a pair of crisp, freshly washed socks. Nobody wants to be waking up on the last day and looking at that pair that are still stuck at the depths of mudy-wellies in your tent ‘porch’. Be prepared – take a good old few spare (they take up no room) and you can make your mates jel.

3. Ditch the Freeze-Dried Noodles
That little extra upfront cost is nothing in exchange for having allllll that choice. Rebel’s dairy free organic coconut mylks are delicious AND nutritious. They don’t have to be chilled so they can be enjoyed a-la-field during festival season (we couldn’t resist a plug). But seriously they’ll keep you on top form right up until the Monday morning. They contain only natural, simple ingredients and are refined sugar free.

4. External Charger
Life. Saver. That favourite song your boyfriend’s sister wanted a Facetime from? Not possible when you’re in the red battery zone. Noooboddyy wants those 20% and 10% warnings so make sure you’re prepped and you can forget phone-charge-angst (definitely a thing) and enjoy the fest.

5. Pillows, Duvet, Mattress
OK admittedly only really possible if you’re driving to the entrance gate in a van (unlikely but maybe). Bringing your well-loved fluffy duvet is going to be your best bet of getting good quality z’s when you finally hit the hay. So forget cacooning yourself into a sleeping bag (the one that you may or may not have forgotten to air out after last season) and treat yourself.

*Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Organic Coconut Mylks are now available in selected Sainsbury’s stores across the nation! Go grab ‘em and tag us in a photo when you do @rebel_kitchen*