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How to give yourself a mental reboot this season

And suddenly, it was September. We’re not quite sure where the time went either.

Given most of us are programmed to see this time of year as a signifier of ‘change’ (school year, academic year, summer hols coming to an end) the change in season can offer the perfect time for a much-needed mental reboot. So get ready to reset, re-motivate, and reap what you’ve sown. Until Christmas that is, when it’ll all unravel again…

(Did we just mention the C word? Yep. Sorry)

reorganise your wardrobe

Arguably, more exciting statements have been uttered. But give us a sec. Alleviating the physical clutter in your home environment could really help you to mentally declutter too. There’s this saying: have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

So pack away summer clothes. Bring out the wool knits. Donate any unwanted goods to charity. Sell your unworn garbs on eBay or Depop for a quick bit of cash. Free up space for the new (and be ruthless about it).

plan some proper ‘me’ time

Summer’s gone but that doesn’t mean holidays have to end. Give yourself something to look forward to and plan to go away for a long weekend a month from now; deals are cheaper, places are quieter. In the midst of workflow it’ll be a welcome break – and one you’ll be thankful for.

Equally, embrace the buzz of summer wearing off. Enjoy a weekend at home minus plans. Give yourself the chance to fully decompress. Whether that’s quiet reading or blasting loud music whilst gyrating around the house in your undies, just do what you gotta do to let off steam. No judgement, peeps.

give yourself a fitness reset

Ah, summer. It’s a funny one for fitness. On the one hand the weather’s half-decent so you’re motivated to get out there and sweat more. But then…. BBQs. Beer. Festivals. Fun… The dilemma of juggling the two.

Autumn can, handily, help to remove those temptations (unless you’re currently basking in an Indian summer à la right now – in which case, carry on). Otherwise use this as a chance to try something new. If you’re used to running and biking, give hot yoga or Pilates a go. If you’re a gym fiend, try an outdoor boot camp or weekend hike instead. Switch up your routine this season and embrace what’s new!

make it all about the mornings

Don’t let the darker evenings kill your good vibes. Instead, make it all about the mornings.

Fancy a sober morning rave? (That’s a thing by the way). Why not kick-start the day with MorningGloryville ? We defy you not to love it. Or, give yourself an extra hour in the AM to simply…get stuff done. Stretch. Meditate. Prep lunch. Take the time to have a decent breakfast. It’s amazing what you can achieve pre-9am. Let the morning maketh you.

revisit your 2016 goals

Remember writing New Year resolutions back in Jan? It’s okay, we’ve forgotten ours too. Now’s a great time to revisit any personal goals you made at the start of the year.

Reflect back on what you were keen to achieve then rewrite out your goals. What have you accomplished? What’s still to come? What’s shifted? There’s still time to make stuff happen! Pin the list on your wall. Then, push forward until December (just in time to let your hair down for party season and celebrate all the good work).

Check out our other piece on cultivating new habits for a bit of inspo:

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Matcha Coconut Puddings

Our guest blogger this month is culinary genius Olivia Williamson (aka @the_cashewtree) who’s kicking things off with her epic Matcha Coconut Puddings. The puds have a similar consistency to pannacotta but are much lighter (great if you fancy a less heavy sweet treat for dessert) and combine the delicate taste of matcha powder with subtly sweet coconut flavours. And they’ll turn a glorious green colour, too.

If you’re wondering about agar flakes, they’re actually made from sea vegetables. Not weird, we promise! It sets the mixture in a similar way to gelatin and is 100% vegan. You can find them in most health food shops and larger supermarkets.

Ingredients (serves 4-6)

200ml Rebel Kitchen Matcha Mylk

400ml Coconut milk, full fat

3 tsp Matcha green tea powder

3 tbsp Agave syrup

2 ½ tsp Agar flakes


Desiccated coconut/ Coconut flakes

Freeze dried/ Fresh raspberries

A light dusting of matcha powder


  1. Put all of the ingredients, except the agar, into a pan and whisk to combine.
  2. Sprinkle the agar on top then begin to heat the mixture. Heat without stirring until boiling, then turn it down to a simmer and start to whisk again, gently, so that the agar is incorporated into the mixture and starts to dissolve. Keep whisking gently for about 10 minutes until the agar has dissolved completely.
  3. Pour into ramekins or moulds and leave to cool before putting in the fridge to set. These are best left overnight.
  4. Sprinkle coconut, raspberries and a touch more matcha on top before serving.

To view more of Olivia’s amazing work click here.


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Rebel Kitchen Matcha Mint Shake

 This Matcha Mint Shake looks too good to drink. But do. 😉

Delicious, creamy and oh-so-simple to make, this refreshing shake is the perfect summer pick me up. Thanks @goodnessisgorgeous – you’ve outdone yourself. Check out the rest of Stacey’s recipes on our blog. She’s been an awesome guest blogger this month. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next guest blogger coming in Sept.

Ingredients, (serves 1)

1 Banana

1 Frozen banana

2 Cups of spinach

5 Fresh mint leaves

1 Cup of Rebel Matcha Mylk

¼ Cup of crushed pistachios

25g Melted raw chocolate


 1 Can of coconut cream (just take the top layer of  fat, leave the watery bit in the can)

1 tsp. Vanilla bean paste


  1. Dip your jar into the melted chocolate followed by the crushed pistachios and then place in the fridge to set
  2. Take the fat from a can of tinned coconut and whip with the vanilla paste. Place in the fridge to cool
  3. Meanwhile put the shake ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth
  4. Pour the shake into the jar and top with the coconut whip

P.S We love spotting all your versions of our recipes. Looking good guys…. keep going.

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How to microadventure in the UK

Heard of a microadventure? The term was coined by adventure-explorer Alastair Humpreys and refers to an adventure that’s “short, simple, local, cheap” and sometimes as accessible as your own back yard.

As well as being heaps of fun, they tend to require minimal planning. So what’s holding you back? Get out there and explore!

Here are some microadventures for you to consider as early as this weekend…

Camp out and stargaze in your back garden

Remember when you’d set up makeshift dens and forts in the back garden as a kid? Basic, fun, and it always felt like a mini adventure. Why not replicate that feeling again? Pick a dry night. Then go alfresco, bring blankets, wrap up warm and watch the twinkly stars.

Tip: Drink hot chocolate from a thermal flask #childhoodnostalgia. Or sub for wine, depending on what you’re getting up for the next day.

Embrace the 5-9

Humphreys encourages people to embrace ‘out of work hours’ as the time to microadventure, suggesting that we’re only limited by our perception of when this type of stuff can take place. There are all those hours between leaving work at 5pm and getting into the office at 9am where you can indulge in some adventure. You just need to switch your mindset. So Google where the nearest hills are, flee the office promptly and pitch up overnight mid-week. Check out some of his recommendations here.

Tip: Bring a sleeping bag, tent, and toothbrush to work. Keep it fuss-free and simple. Have fun keeping your microadventure schtum to colleagues the next day.

Go Wildswimming

Does what it says on the tin. Discover places where you can go wild swimming in the UK and explore the beautiful pockets of nature nestled right on your doorstep. It may not be the Mediterranean Sea but hey, we’re hardy Brits, we know the drill. Get on the really wild side and go skinny-dipping (if you dare).

Tip: Definitely don’t forget your towel and hoodie.

Sunrise in Richmond Old Deer Park

 If you’re lucky enough to live anywhere close to beautiful Richmond Park then it’s definitely worth sacrificing the lie in one day to experience this. Enjoy the solitude of London at dawn, and the almost ethereal scenes of deer silhouettes grazing on the Park’s lush green. You can guarantee a spectacular sunrise. Good news is that the Park’s open 24 hours for pedestrians until Nov. 

Tip: Leave your phone at home and enjoy a technology free zone. And don’t stand too close to the deer… 

Moonlight hike

Go for a walk at night. Whether it’s through fields or even just exploring your local neighbourhood after hours, appreciate how things come to life in a new way when your senses are tuned into different surroundings. Plan it mid-week or at the weekend. You can even search for groups to do this with, just Google Moonlight walk groups UK.

Tip: Leave your music at home. Listen to nature, rather than what’s on your iPod.





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Rebel Mocha Mousse Tart

Mocha Mousse Tart

From the velvety mocha mousse to the soft chewy base, this tart is incredibly indulgent; so much so you wouldn’t know it’s made from whole and healthy ingredients. Perfect to impress your friends with. Just don’t tell them how ridiculously easy this is to make. Thanks @goodnessisgorgeous #nailedit


1 cup hazelnuts

9 gooey medjool dates

1/2 cup oatmeal

2 tbsp. Coffee Mylk

Layer 1

1 1/2 cup cashews (soaked overnight)

1 cup Coffee Mylk

1/2 cup cacao liquor

1/2 cup maple syrup


1/4 cup hazelnuts

2 tbsp. maple syrup



  1. Depip the dates and place into a food processor along with the rest of the base ingredients. Process until the mixture sticks together and forms dough.
  2. Press the mixture into a 9 inch spring form tin
  3. Put the tin into the freezer and leave to harden whilst making the filling


  1. Gently heat the cacao liquor and maple syrup until melted
  2. Add this along with the cashews and the coffee mylk into a blender and blend until smooth
  3. Pour the filling over the top of the base and return to the fridge
  4. Leave to set for 4 hours

Caramelized Hazelnuts

  1. Pour the maple syrup into a pan and simmer for a couple of minutes
  2. Add in the hazelnuts and stir for another couple of minutes, making sure all of the nuts are coated
  3. Once the maple syrup is bubbling, remove from the heat and pour the hazelnuts onto a piece of baking paper
  4. Once cooled, place on top of the tart and serve