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Rebel Kitchen X Onist: Chocolate and Vanilla Parfait

This simple yet tasty dessert parfait makes the perfect midweek treat. Whip it up and enjoy.


1 X Punnet of Organic Strawberries
1 X Dark Chocolate Onist pot
1 X Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt
1 X Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt


  • Empty the Onist pot into a large bowl and combine with the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Yogurt. Give it a good mix with a spoon.
  • Slice all of the strawberries and layer into ramekin dishes, alternating with the Rebel Kitchen Vanilla Yogurt and the above chocolate mixture.
  • Decorate the parfait with the remaining strawberries and serve, or keep refrigerated until ready to devour.

Happy making and tag us in your photos before you tuck in – we’d love to see.

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